The Early Years

Abergavenny Pantomime Company has a long and proud history, going back to the beginning of this century. It started off in Holy Trinity Church, Baker Street in Abergavenny and the Company was called 'Trinity Sunday Schools', it changed in 1959 into Abergavenny Pantomime Company and it has virtually not stopped running since. With only a short gap in performances during the Second World War, resuming again with Aladdin in 1947. Our very first production, in 1932 was Cinderella and most of the cast were prominent figures in the town, and early stalwarts of the Company. Since then the Company have performed Cinderella eight different times, making it one of the most popular shows alongside Aladdin which also been performed eight times since 1932.

In the 1890’s a group of people in the Holy Trinity Parish performed Operas at the Abergavenny Borough Theatre, produced by Mrs Duffield and Mrs Pavord. In 1921 ‘Trinity Sunday Schools’ performed the show ‘The King of Sherwood. At the beginning of the 1930’s the Curate, Fr. Montague Holmes had apparently seen a production of the pantomime, 'Little red Riding Hood' and thought ‘Trinity Sunday Schools’ should do something more like that. This resulted in traditional amateur pantomime being staged in Abergavenny for the first time ever. It was produced by Mr Frank Lewis, his wife, Mrs Gwen Lewis assisting him and his nephew Mr Raymond Lewis, from the Abergavnny Chronicle, writing the scripts. Practice sessions were held in the Holy Trinity Church Hall in Abergavenny.

With a short break during the Second World War the Company resumed performing annual traditional pantomimes.