jack and the BeanstalkIn 1996 Lynee Stock, Shirley Wallace and Bob Woodford Co-Produced Jack and the Beanstalk. The Company welcomed some new comers such as Ken Jones and Stephen (Snowy) Clark from AAODS, proving themselves to be talented and skill full performers. The script was also written by Paul Alexander from Jasper Publishing and most of the scenery and the set was designed and made by Peter Sutton and Bob Woodford. The Company shared volunteers from AAODS and ALOC to help back stage with props. It proved to be a wise decision, as older members returned and new members joined, despite the fact that disaster struck during a rehearsal a couple of days before the show. The main electric curtain rail came down with the entire front of house curtains on to cast and chorus who were practicing on stage. The remainder of the rehearsal had to be cancelled and the curtain rail could not be repaired in time for the show, although the show did carry on as normal.