The Pied Piper‘The Pied Piper’ was the next challenge for our Company in 1999, with Jaci Brickley-Clark taking a year out as Director. Her husband Stephen (Snowy) Clark took over as Producer as well a playing his usual role as the Village Idiot on stage. Snowy deserved credit for another successful show. Snowy, in fact, went on to produce the next six years. The Pied Piper was played by the familiar face of Len Lane. All the costumes were hired for the first time which made less work for the Wardrobe Department. The show had even more reason to be remembered, with fifteen minutes to go in the final act during a Tuesday night performance the fire alarms went off. Cast, chorus, theatre staff and audience alike were evacuated into “Red Square” with the Fire Brigade turning up. Ten minutes later everyone went back inside and the Company resumed with the show.