Dick Whittingtonwas performed in 2006. A pantomime classic that is loosely based on a distant past Mayor of London. Rumour has it that Dick did have a cat and that whilst on a journey overseas, he took his cat with him and it earned him a lot of money killing rats. Once again the scenery was hired form Owen Money Theatre Company, although the script was written by Bob Heather. The plot was criticised as being sketchy and thin in places and perhaps failed to live up to past scripts.

Although led by the same Production Team as the previous year, Len Lane and Jaci Brickley-Clark and accompanied by the Music Studio Band, the chorus and principals raised the roof at every opportunity. Lively musical numbers included: “Is this the Way to Amarillo”,”The Lambeth Walk” and “Warts and All”. In addition the sheer enjoyment of the large cast shone through and infected the audience which played along in true panto fashion. The end result once again notched up another rousing success.